When I was about 8 years old I found myself sitting under a tree wondering why my parents acted as they did. I could never do anything right. I felt alone and confused, and I could not figure out why.

I continued to wonder why people acted as they did throughout the years when I was raising my own children. I worked in administration for IBM. I was frustrated. It was not gratifying. My father “teased” me that I chose the “school of hard knocks” as I struggled with my husband’s alcohol, anger, power, and control issues. Eventually I came to a conclusion: The only way I could live with my pain was to turn it inside out and use it to help others who are looking for change. This became and remains my passion.

As a result, I found the courage to leave the corporate world. One by one, I first got my bachelor’s degree, then my master’s degree, then my Ph.D. and finally my license as a therapist. Along the way I was certified as a Chemical Dependency Counselor. I chose classes related to sex abuse and other sexual issues. Lastly, I was trained to assess and evaluate anger issues while mediating and evaluating family law cases for the Superior Court.

I am very proud and very humbled to be able to help people through many of the same issues I struggled with. Whether in their own personal conflict or in their family conflict it is gratifying to see people come to a place of peace. I learned through my life that there is always hope and there are always answers.

I encourage you to contact me now for any questions or concerns you have. Click on the Appointment tab and find my contact information.

My Mission:

My mission is to help you improve your relationship by helping you learn new skills so effectively that you no longer need me.

My Purpose:

My purpose is to help you find the freedom to be yourself. My purpose is that you will be liberated from the cycle of feeling lost and ineffective in the face of relationship struggles.

My Philosophy

I use a combination of theories to inform and direct my work with you, primarily Object Relations theory, Psychodynamic theory and others such as Cognitive Behavioral theory.

Object Relations psychotherapy: Relationships from early in your life can seem to repeat themselves in your relationships in the present. The way you handle issues in your early life may no longer be effective in your adult life. This theory teaches that by seeing and understanding that your behavior started in early interactions, you can change and improve your current relationships.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy: Your personality is the result of developmental stages. The way you reacted to events at any stage in your life may have caused you to get “stuck.” You carry with you the “stuck” parts that have never developed. You may function more or less successfully on the exterior, but internally you may be experiencing stressful emotions.

While using either Object Relations or Psychodynamic psychotherapy theory, I will help you get in touch with your memories, feelings and desires that you may not be aware of, then understand how those feelings and thoughts affect the way you currently act and react, think and feel.

Cognitive Behavioral psychotherapy: If you first change the way you think, a change of feelings will follow and bring quality and satisfaction to your life.

It is my goal to provide you with an experienced guide to discover and incorporate your true self. I want to offer you a unique and exciting opportunity to experience your personal history in a new way, to make connections between past and present allowing and encouraging you to make changes. My wish is that life can be more effective and satisfying for you.