What is a Relationship Therapist?

A licensed professional who can help you explore your relationships with others so that your interactions are more satisfactory and workable.

When is relationship therapy appropriate for me?

When a relationship is causing you pain, stress, and frustration or is otherwise interfering with your ability to enjoy life.

What relationships qualify for relationship therapy?

The relationship can be one in the present or one in the past. It can involve your lover, friend, mother, father, sister, aunt, husband, wife, child, or even your co-worker at the desk next to you. The relationship can be the comfort or discomfort you have with yourself.

What if I am feeling pain and frustration but I am not currently in a relationship?

That pain and stress may be coming from unsettled issues from a past relationship. Therapy can shed new light on the issue and resolve your discomfort.

What issues are dealt with in relationship therapy?

Any issue can be a backdrop for your relationship, such as marriage, divorce, alcohol or drug abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, incest, sexual abuse, rape, infidelity or a breakdown in communications.

What does relationship therapy attempt to impart to a client?

Through this therapy I offer you a new perspective on your past and present relationships. I show you how to raise your self-esteem, self-respect and self-trust. I encourage you to take new directions which can lead to better relationships and better use of your potential. In short, through therapy you can become better skilled at protecting, developing and appreciating yourself. A better you leads to a better relationship.

What are your areas of specialization?

Dr. Emerson has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of:
• alcohol and drug dependency, addiction
• incest and sexual abuse, adults sexually molested or abused as children
• domestic violence - victims of physical and/or verbal abuse
• divorce, child custody and visitation