Individual Therapy:

We work one-on-one and address issues such as:

• Talking better. Can you say what you mean?
• Being yourself. Do you know who you are?
• Caring for yourself. Do you like yourself?
• Establishing a safety zone in your life. Are you afraid of someone’s anger?
• Filling the void from parental absence. Were you left to raise yourself?
• Grieving a loss. Are you eating or sleeping poorly, are you crying often?
• Struggling with memories of parents. Were you always wrong, bad and inadequate?
• Discovering your dreams, setting realistic goals. Can they come true? I believe they can.

Couple Therapy:

I work with both of you, keeping balance by ensuring you each get your say, helping you practice new skills right in the room and sometimes giving you homework assignments.


I have considerable knowledge and experience in the following issues that cause stress or trauma:

• Sexual abuse. Has anyone touched you in a way that disturbed you? Have you talked about it?
• Post-trauma stress. Have you experienced a terrifying incident that threatened you with injury or death.
• Dissociation. Have you had “lost time?” Do others tell you things you do not recall doing?
• Depression. Are you very sad? Not eating? Not sleeping? Crying a lot?
• Unhappy marriage. Have either of you thought about separation?
• Family conflict. Is there verbal, emotional or physical abuse in your relationship?
• Divorce. Are you separated, going through custody/visitation issues, do you want divorce?
• Alcohol and/or drugs. Are you or a family member unable or unwilling to quit?
• Difficult people. Do you know someone who is self-centered, angry, controlling or withholding?

For Professionals Only

I have Offices available for rent on an as-needed basis for professionals. If you occasionally or regularly need a professional and private setting in which to meet with your client, but don’t want or need a full-time office, this could be for you. There are 3 furnished and stocked offices. Wi-Fi and office supplies are available.

Besides the 3 offices, there is a larger 10’ by 25’ decorated and furnished room suitable to hold meetings, conferences, depositions, workshops or group therapy.

Call me at 661-703-3342 and let us discuss the details of how your office needs can be met here.

Watch the following video for more about this service: